Creative Impact Star

Commissioned by Creative Scotland and undertaken on behalf of Fleet Collective, Creative Impact Star is a comparative survey tool designed to measure the impact of creative involvement on young people.

The tool allows arts organisations to collect data at a local level for their own use while at the same time Creative Scotland pool anonymised data to build a big picture of the impact of creative involvement across Scotland.

The system comprises two main parts: a backend administration system to allow arts organisations to manage their surveys, and a front end survey user interface.

So as to minimise the time for users to complete the survey the interface includes a method to identify users without the need for a log in account. Attendees are requested to complete the survey at the beginning and end of a programme of involvement. The results are then compared to map any shift in response.

For a further overview of the system concept and how it works watch the following film, designed and scripted by ourselves, and filmed by Ed Broughton of Bonnie Brae Productions.