WordPress development

With around 27% of the world’s websites now running on WordPress, it is fair to say that WordPress has matured to be a powerful CMS (content management system). And with a healthy Plugin marketplace there is almost no problem that cannot be addressed using the WordPress system. It’s no accident that it accounts for around 60% of CMSs running on the web. Rarely though do we just simply slot together a bunch of components to build a site. There’s always plenty of bespoke backend and front end programming needed to deliver unique site behaviour and functionality.

WordPress theme development

Working with the client, we utilise the full flexibility of WordPress to develop a website theme which gives it the individuality and expressivity it requires. Where a client’s site requires layouts, custom content types or behaviours which aren’t easily provided by standard theme options, our custom theme development will incorporate these new features into the custom theme.

WordPress plugin development

WordPress has a very rich and well-supported plugin community, but sometimes a specific need isn’t met by existing plugins. We can develop custom WordPress plugins to cater for any unmet needs. Use cases frequently involve content and media management or interaction with domain specific 3rd party services and APIs.

WordPress hosting and lifecycle management

We provide various web hosting options to our clients and our wosBox is optimised specifically for WordPress sites. An important consideration for WordPress hosting is the security of the site, like any software it is important to keep it updated and monitored for problems. Along with the standard hosting of WordPress sites we can also provide support in applying software updates for both the core WordPress installation and for plugins used on the site. You can find out more about this in our Support and Maintenance services section.