Website hosting

We provide website hosting solutions for clients of all sizes. Our primary hosting platform, wosBox, is used for the majority of our client sites and is built upon a modern Linux-based cloud server platform running in UK-based data centres. This platform is particularly optimised for websites running on the WordPress CMS but it can support almost any website running a modern LAMP stack based CMS. The platform also runs daily, weekly and monthly backups of all website data to ensure integrity of your website content. The server and sites are monitored 24/7 to ensure maximum availability and enabling us to respond quickly when problems appear.

Key features of our wosBox hosting platform

  • Linux platform (LAMP stack)
  • Fully managed server platform
  • Daily backups
  • UK Data centres
  • WordPress optimised
  • SSL certificates (via Lets Encrypt)
  • HTTP/2 ready

wosBox hosting prices start from £250+vat per year. For those with less-demanding needs we also offer starter hosting with prices starting from £125+vat per year. Our hosting infrastructure is provided by our long-term partner Fasthosts and has evolved continuously since the early 2000s. We can also offer additional support and maintenance contracts to ensure that your website is kept up to date. When necessary we also work with other hosting providers to suit the specific needs of the work involved. Please get in touch for further information about our hosting services.

Domain name registration and transfer

A domain name is an extremely important aspect of any website, as part of our hosting infrastructure we can register many different domain name extensions so we are sure to find something suitable for your needs. It can sometimes be a challenge to find good domains in certain circumstances so we can also help you to explore domain markets for existing domain names. Whichever way you get hold of your domain we provide automatic renewals of annual domain fees to ensure your domain name stays registered and active. Contact us for more information about domain name registration.

Website migration

One way to improve the performance of your existing website can be to move your site to a faster, more powerful hosting platform. For simple hosting migrations we can help with the transfer of your website files and any database content from your old hosting provider over to a new provider, (no matter whether that provider is us or another company of your preference). If you are interested in migrating your website from the current software platform it runs on then we are more than happy to discuss your website design and development needs and find the best solutions to migrating your existing site content without necessarily manually re-inputting data. Please get in touch to find out more about how we can help with website migration.

SSL certificates / Secure HTTPS connections

It has been essential to have an SSL certificate on eCommerce focused websites for many years, but there is now an increasing necessity for all websites to have an SSL certificate installed to provide assurance to visitors that any data they submit via web forms or login pages is secure.

Adding an SSL certificate allows a secure encrypted “https” connection rather than the regular “http” and is typically highlighted in browsers such as Chrome via the use of a padlock icon and the word “Secure” in green text in the address bar. Google’s Chrome browser in particular is now warns users that their connection to the site is “Not secure” when they access a page with form based content when running on a regular “http” connection (Read more:

Our wosBox hosting platform now includes an SSL certificate as an inclusive part of the annual hosting fees so there are no ongoing costs for website running on that platform. The process of enabling a site to work via the secure HTTPS connection does require some changes to be undertaken to some of the website configuration so there is a one-off cost to make the changes. The exact cost involved depends on some of the features of the website but typically this will cost between £150+vat to £300+vat to make the changes.