Project management

Our overall project management experience includes the mass production of packaging in the Far East, overseeing the monthly printing of computer catalogues in 7 languages through to the complex planning and management of institution size websites.

The role of project management is central to a successful project outcome and starts at the first contact with a client. Our experience in assessing the skills, resources, and time required on a contract, assist us to deliver reliable project proposals.

Throughout a project, whether it lasts just a few days or a year, we ensure each stage of work is closely managed and kept in line with the agreed brief. And depending on the size and complexity of a project we will use methods proportionatley suited to the work and client to manage tasks and communications.

As well as managing our own work we are occasionally contracted to collaboratively project manage external projects. Whether it be because a project has lost its way or become too big for the contractor to handle, our broad experience puts us in a good position to quickly reset a project and to restore trust on all sides.