Graphic Design / Design for Print

Whether the project is a website or an item of print, graphic design is understandably what a piece is first judged on. Even on projects where complex data handling is our main concern it is still important that the visual is pleasing and assistive to the user. It is vital though to appreciate what is also under the surface.

The wider meaning of design is a considered process and for us the design process begins by talking. We spend time working with our client to fully understand what is required and to examine the project from the users’ perspective. The end result is a piece that is designed from the inside out with the final surface design being the bit people see first.

Design experience

Today the majority of our design work is for online projects but with our design experience pre-dating the internet it includes, corporate design, packaging, and catalogue design. Our accumulated expertise informs all our work and allows us to provide a full suite of coordinated digital and print output for our clients.